wearable technology and
Job task analysis

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Prevent injuries with
wearable technology

The experts at Recovery Partners use wearable technology for Job Task Analysis (JTAs) so we know the physical and psychological demands of the individual tasks. 

Using wearable technology ensures we capture more accurate data to help staff perform tasks safely. Knowing the individual tasks of a job with our diagnostic tool can help management identify potential workplace hazards such as physical strain.

Clients of Recovery Partners now have access to this workplace safety innovation through a partnership with Australian start-up Preventure.

Ensure the correct safety and injury management measures are in place for your team today.


Benefits of wearable technology

The benefits of using wearable technology include:

  • Objective movement data.
  • Task benchmark and training.
  • Remote assessment.
  • Movement control.
  • Data-driven prevention program.

Take out the guesswork – accurately identify risk and assess the impact of controls. 

By analysing the relationship between the worker, the tools of work, and the task,  you will be able to take steps to eliminate safety risks, establish proper work procedures and minimise the risk of injury.

Wondering what a JTA report looks like?

Watch the video as our expert Safety Consultant highlights and explains the features of an Advanced Job Task Analysis Report.  

You can download your own copy of the report.

Why choose Recovery Partners?

Recovery Partners have been providing comprehensive safety services for nearly two decades. 

•  Locations – covering Australia and New Zealand, with over 80
locations in our network.
•  Experienced consultants.
•  Tailored Job Task Analysis.
•  Fast reporting times.

Our service helps diagnose the manual handling hazard, so we can then implement real measures to design a new work process with less strain and injury.

Real objective data, real risks reduced, and real commentary from Allied Health experts. 

 Utilise wearable technology for real results!

We welcome your enquiry for your next Job Task Analysis