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Safe work is smart work, work smarter not harder

Physical injury continues to be a major challenge in workplaces. So much so that it is a legislative requirement for employers to target WHS training at the high risk and potential severity of manual handling injury. However, jargon and procedural overload too frequently produce a disengaged and disinterested employee base.

At Recovery Partners we believe in building solutions that work as opposed to tick-a-box arrangements. Our SafeMoves program is built from an in-depth consultation with organisational members and is specifically targeted toward gaining an insight into working behavioural psychology. 

By addressing the gap in standardised manual handling training, our unique and contextual approach has become paramount in the SafeMoves message resonating with your employees.

Our tailored onsite training delivery uses real-time workplace-based examples. It is considerate of person, place, performance and productivity, and is compiled into easily understood segments. The program openly incentivises participants via a reward-based system where employees are encouraged to not only participate, but actively improve safety standards in the workplace. 

Simply, SafeMoves brings the message alive in your workplace and as a result, it goes beyond the standard training and standard non-evident return on investments.


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