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The use of drugs and alcohol is one of the largest social and economic issues facing Australian companies today. While testing is seen as the best way to overcome the problem, many companies still lack elaborate policies to facilitate the process. The reality for all employers is that drug and alcohol use can affect employees’ health, safety as well as productivity in the workplace.

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So, when is a drug test appropriate? There are many instances where a drug test should be conducted.1. Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment testing is carried out on applicants during the hiring process to ensure an organisation hires quality workers. This helps minimise the liabilities that workers with drug and alcohol problems bring.

2. Random Drug Testing

Random drug tests are conducted without notice and represent the best way to get more accurate results. They can be conducted on any employee or group of employees at the employer’s discretion.

3. Return to Work Drug Testing

Return to work workplace drug testing is carried out on all employees before they resume their previous roles. It ensures that employees get back to work in the best condition and that they are able to perform optimally.

4. Reasonable Cause Drug Testing

Reasonable-cause workplace drug testing is carried out on any employee whom the management might deem unfit to perform his/her role.  Depending on the results of the test, then the employer is at liberty to proceed with any appropriate measure.

5. Post-accident Drug Testing

Post incident workplace drug testing is conducted when an employee gets injured or suffers an injury scare in the workplace. It helps rule out alcohol and any other drugs as contributing factors.

However, drug testing is not always appropriate and in some incidents, it can be viewed as an infringement of employees’ privacy. At Recovery Partners, we can help you determine when to conduct a test and help ensure that the program is done in accordance with your company policies and the industry set rules and regulations.  

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