Complete Compliance: Your customised WHS program

Ease your mind, protect your staff and safeguard your bottom line.

Are you a small business owner or operator wondering about WHS?

You’ve come to the right place.

In our experience, most businesses really do care about Work Health and Safety compliance.

But, with different regulations for every state and industry, you could be making mistakes without even knowing it. These mistakes can be dangerous and costly for your business and the people who work in it.

So, how do you make sure you’re compliant with the WHS regulations for your industry and location?


Introducing the WHS Compliance Kit: 

A complete, customised WHS Management System & checklist for small to medium business in Australia.


In our experience, the best and most effective way to ensure your small business remains compliant with WHS regulations and avoids penalties or accidents is to have a system in place that enables you to manage your WHS requirements in a clear and simple way. The system that does this is called a WHSMS: Work Health and Safety Management System.



What’s included in my WHS Compliance Kit?

Your WHS Compliance Kit consists of your customised WHS Management System and clear instructions for implementing it. It includes:

6    A tailored WHS policy for your business

  8    The WHS procedures your organisation needs to implement

 % (1)    The documentation that facilitates and records your procedures

 2-1     A USB with electronic, editable versions of all documents

 7     A quick, handy reference guide to current WHS laws

 %      Information on how to access free telephone support

  1-1     Your discount on future Recovery Partners services.

Sound good?

Request a call from a Safety Consultant in your area.




How is my WHS Compliance Kit customised for my business?

In order to understand your work practices, protocols and environments, a Recovery Partners Safety Consultant will visit your business and chat with you about your needs.

They will then prepare a WHS Compliance Kit that addresses:

  • The WHS requirements specific to your business
  • The WHS requirements specific to your industry; and
  • The WHS requirements specific to your

Your WHS Compliance Kit will be delivered to you within two business days.


Can’t I take care of Work Health and Safety myself?

You can choose to address your WHS obligations yourself, but the work required in maintaining compliance can be complicated and a drain on the resources of your business, especially if you’re on the smaller side. Many operators would rather direct their time and energy into growing their business, instead. If you’re a larger organisation, you could also consider outsourcing your WHS Management to the experts – find out more here.



Want to know more about how a WHS Compliance Kit could work for your small business?

Request a call from a Safety Consultant in your area or get in touch by calling 1300 OHS RTW (647 789) or emailing for more information.