New Code of Practice - Amusement Device

5 February 2024 posted by Recovery Partners

In a move towards prioritising safety in amusement parks and workplaces hosting events with amusement devices, the Office of Industrial Relations, Queensland, has launched Australia’s first-ever Amusement Devices Code of Practice 2023. This code, effective from February 1, 2024, provides guidance to all workplaces, offering a comprehensive approach to managing safety risks associated with amusement rides.

This code sets the stage for a new era in safety for workplaces hosting events with amusement devices. It simplifies safety management for event organisers, spelling out practical steps to ensure safety compliance, whether the event is a corporate gathering, a community fair, or any other occasion featuring amusement rides.

What is an amusement device?

As stated in the Safe Work Guide for Amusement devices, an amusement device, is equipment used for hire or reward to entertain or provide amusement through movement, involving passengers traveling on or around it.

Where can I download the new Code of Practice?

So, what’s next?

Recovery Partners Safety Consultants are here to help, offering training sessions nationwide to guide you through this complex process, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the code’s guidelines and how to integrate them into your safety practices. 

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