Online Safety with mysheq


Online safety made easy

Compliance is now easier than ever with mySHEQ, a custom-made digital software that allows you to manage your WHS requirements as you go. Regular updates and learning modules ensure evolving regulatory requirements are incorporated into your system.

Completely customisable to your business with industry-specific WHS procedures and templates. Keep compliant, all on one cloud-based platform.

Benefits of mySHEQ

Inspections / Audits

Customisable checklists to meet your
WHS obligations.

Risk Management

• Access to risk matrix.
• Create online Safe Work Procedures (SWP) linked to relevant risk assessments.

Incident Management

• Conduct investigations.
• Report incidents digitally which all auto enter into the Incident Register.
• Manage Injuries – First aid, Medical Treatment Injuries and Lost time injuries.

Management System

Your safety system is all in the one location, on a cloud platform that can be accessed by your team anywhere.

Employee confidence

• Keep records of trainings, licences, qualifications and more.
• Easily see what needs to be
done and by who.


Access on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

Equipment Management

Manage equipment, chemicals and plant. Track who has them and when service and maintenance is due.

Contractor Management

Auto reminders on when insurances and other documents need reviewing or updating,
to maintain legal compliance.


Report issues with a speedy resolution;
Our safety expertise can provide WHSMS support, and additional consulting services.

Better outcomes
at half the cost

Our comprehensive safety management systems take the guesswork out of compliance and the legwork out of meeting your WHS legal obligations.

Replace the need for a safety consultant and the cost of constant internal training required to stay up to date with all workplace regulations. Setting up mySHEQ increases efficiency through automated processes, file management and notifications.

With unlimited employees and contactor user accounts, cover all aspects across the business, in an easy to use digital platform.

User guides and how-to

Built in user guides with how-to videos make incident management simple. 

mySHEQ videos

5 Videos

Modules and Functionality

mySHEQ is an entirely configurable online safety system. Our downloadable overview outlines each module and its functionality.

We know the system does a lot! Let’s work together to show you how it all works.

Download the free mySHEQ Overview to see how the system can support you. 

An accessible all-in-one

An accessible all-in-one safety management system that is customisable for your team. 

Access over 25 modules covering Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ), with over 100 reports and over 1000 graphs and information that can be filtered and analysed.

Files are encrypted and secured using Australian data vault warehousing. Let a safety company guide your online WHS compliance – not an IT company.


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