Safety Audit and Certification


Systematic examination of your WHS compliance via a Safety Audit and Certification process.

To ensure that your work health and safety management system is compliant and workplace risks are reduced, organise a safety audit and certification.

Why conduct a Safety Audit?

  • Best practice recommends you have a safety gap analysis
    conducted every 1-2 years
  • Current ISO standard for health and safety expires in 2021.
  • Find out how healthy your WHS system is and take your
    safety practices to the next level.

Why get Safety Certification?

  • To take your business to the next level
  • Become a preferred supplier much easier
  • Apply for tenders and grants


Managing safety in the workplace is a complex task that can't be overlooked.

Your ongoing compliance is vital for Australian employers, as penalties can be steep when breaches occur. It ‘s just not the risk of fines or loss in reputation, the long-term cost of injury on a business can be significant.

Our team can help to give you peace of mind and opportunities to improve your practices into the future with a safety audit and assistance to prepare for certification.

Our team are safety experts here to help you.



The term heavily used in engagement with Recovery Partners has always been 'We will be there to support your request' and it speaks a volume. Recovery Partners have worked alongside Millennium in supporting the positive growth and in meeting safety obligations within the Health & Safety function of the business. Thank you Jarrod and Nick and RP team for your ongoing support provided to us.

We have been working with Recovery Partners for a few years now. They are very responsive and pro-active; they deliver a good service without over-servicing or performing activities that aren't required.

The team goes to great lengths to care for the needs of our employees. They work closely with the employee to get them back to work as quickly as possible. 

The benefit of working with Recovery Partners has resulted in a significant reduction in our insurance premiums and workers’ compensations claims, and a strengthening of our safety culture across our business.

Safety Leadership Training Program was delivered in a commercially focused common-sense way, using language that everyone understood. The sessions covered a very serious topic, but, was presented in a fun and passionate way.

The effort of the site team has created a safer work environment for all, and their assistance has been welcomed. We would highly recommend Recovery Partners as a preferred WHS provider to any company requiring additional support.


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