Wellbeing in your workplace


Wellbeing in your workplace

Discover a holistic approach to workplace safety with Recovery Partners, your trusted wellbeing experts. Move beyond traditional safety measures and explore the proactive realm of wellbeing to prevent incidents and enhance the overall health of your organisation.

Outside of hard hats and fire exits, employee health and safety now encompass a broader perspective. Our strategic focus on wellbeing involves specific actions to mitigate risks and elevate overall workplace health. Cultivating wellbeing is not just a buzzword; it’s a smart investment, and Recovery Partners stands as dedicated ally in this transformative journey. 

How we can help you

Ensuring the wellbeing of your staff is a crucial consideration for every Australian business, regardless of size. We provide a range of services to help you integrate systems into your work environment that actively promote and nurture wellbeing. Beyond boosting morale, these initiatives can motivate, engage, empower, and encourage your staff, resulting in increased productivity and a higher return on investment for your company. Ultimately, well-supported employees perform well, and Recovery Partners can guide you in facilitating this. 

Pre-Employment Health Assessments

Ensure your workers are in the right roles for them

Injury Reporting Centre

Get the best support with injury management

Job Task Analysis

Understand the physical requirements of different activities

drug and alcohol testing glossary

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol screening can increase productivity, reduce the risk of workplace incidences and absenteeism

Workplace Wellness

Make sure your work environments set you up for success

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Give your employees professional help when they need it most

Psychological Services

Understand the psychological services available to support employee wellbeing


Why our customers love our service:


Why you will value
our service:

  • Commercially Focused: We bring a deep understanding of risk and compliance to the forefront.
  • Business-Tailored Interventions: Our reliable and extensive consultation ensures customised solutions.
  • Experienced Team: Benefit from our team’s tertiary qualifications and wealth of experience.
  • Simplified Legal Compliance: We break down complex legal requirements into easily understandable context, avoiding industry jargon.
  • Honest and Transparent Communication: Appreciate our straightforward approach that keeps you informed every step of the way. 

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Andrea was absolutely amazing. She was professional, but she was friendly and explained everything we were doing. I was quite nervous about the fitness test as I really want the job I was being tested for. Andrea took time and care to make the experience stress-free and in hindsight, I was nervous over nothing. I cannot speak highly enough for Andrea and I was actually going to reach out on my own to provide a positive commendation on my experience but I didn't want to be perceived as intending to 'bribe' or 'alter' the report. As I've now heard from my potential employer to confirm that they have received the report, I'm so happy to provide this feedback.

Rajvi conducted herself in a very professional manner and made me feel relaxed right from the beginning of the assessment. She remained personable and understanding throughout, she was also clear and concise. I'd recommend her to anyone. Finally, I felt we were having a conversation rather than me being assessed. Thank you

Recovery Partners have been heavily invested in understanding our people, our business and occupational challenges, whilst building innovative solutions that overcome even the most complicated injuries.

Recovery Partners has developed an Injury Management System for our business, all details are stored centrally, and the system streamlines our processes, removing an enormous amount of manual work.

Many of our staff can feel overwhelmed by the workers compensation processes, but Recovery Partners guides them through every step of the way, explaining the forms and ensuring that they understand the requirements.

Our people appreciate the high level of care they receive and the frequent follow-up by Recovery Partners. Injured staff members get the right treatment quickly, and this fast-tracks their recovery and reduces lost time.


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