The safety, wellbeing and rehab experts


The safety, wellbeing and rehab experts

Recovery Partners was founded in 2004 by Kelly Brown, MAICD. We began with a clear objective to reduce the human and financial costs of worker injuries and illnesses. Kelly (Managing Director) together with her leadership team of Rowan Brown (Executive Director), Simon Lloyd (Safety Director) and Greg Shipp (Director of Rehabilitation Services), have steered Recovery Partners through more than a decade of expansion and steady, substantive growth.

With their shared commitment to helping people and companies prosper, Kelly and the Recovery Partners team are proud of the comprehensive services they’ve delivered in Rehab, Wellbeing, and Safety to thousands of Australian businesses and workers.

Our Why

Our Why

We have a genuine desire to enable people and companies to prosper

Our Vision

To do great work with great people

Our Mission

To reduce the financial and human cost of illness and injury

Our Values

Face to Font: We believe that everything should look right. From how we present ourselves to the reports and documents we produce. You’ll notice that we wear a uniform and conduct ourselves professionally at all times whilst working for you.

More with Less: We believe in efficient systems. To deliver the best service at a completive price, we are always mindful of maximising our resources to the best of our ability.

Same Savvy Service: Our clients have expectations and we know to keep their business and earn additional business we must all deliver all the time and success for the people and businesses in our community.

Friday Fun: The work we do can be tough sometimes. We are committed to making the work environment both supportive and fun. Safety goes without saying…

We want all the same things: Safety, security, and success for the people and businesses in our community.

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The Recovery Partners team believe that safer work is smarter work, and that positive safety culture in Australian workplaces is essential for worker wellbeing, workforce productivity and the prosperity of Australian businesses. We’re dedicated to communicating the health benefits of work for individuals; advocating for improved safety standards in workplaces; demonstrating the positive investment, efficiency and efficacy results of WHS compliance; and safeguarding both individuals and businesses against the impacts of inadequate health, safety and wellness provisions.

We also believe in practicing what we preach, and are pleased to report that we ranked #30 in the Great Place to Work in Australia report for 2019 (businesses with 100-999 employees).


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Why our customers love our service:


Why our customers
love our service:

  • Commercially focused with risk appetite awareness
  • Business tailored interventions through extensive consultation & resource allocation
  • Experienced team members with post-graduate qualifications

We work to take complex legal requirements and simplify them into context that is palatable to the entire workforce. We keep away from the often over-rehearsed jargon and convoluted solutions to complex problems by using simple but innovative systems that meet all legislative requirements.



It is refreshing to have such a professional organisation to rely upon when we need assistance with Work Health and Safety.

Recovery Partners really know their stuff. They are up to date with the latest legislation and WorkCover requirements, and they ensure that we are always compliant.

Recovery Partners have been invaluable in assisting our operations to expedite the claims process and support our injured individuals back to health quickly.

Recovery Partners have been heavily invested in learning our challenges and building innovative solutions that overcome even the most complicated issues present in our workplace.

It's comforting to know Recovery Partners are available to us to alleviate operational challenges and maximise our people support.

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