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Motor vehicle accidents can be a major disruptor to your life and we offer rehabilitation support through your CTP claim to help you overcome this hurdle. Our team of enthusiastic consultants helps to return you to your pre-accident level of health and quality of life. We deliver a holistic and client-centric service model ensuring that you are receipt of what matters to you. Whether it is linking you to treatment services, supporting return to work, helping your home life, or just someone to guide your recovery, we are here to help you.


Recovery Partners work in accordance with the National Clinical Framework

National Clinical Framework.

Delivering client centric services to achieve positive rehabilitation outcomes starts with the relationship between the individual, their health and their work. 

As a signatory organisation to the ‘Realising the Health Benefits of Good Work Consensus Statement’ our ability to delivering positive rehabilitation outcomes, is enhanced through: 

• Collaboration with individuals and their support network to help design and implement activities to promote work readiness;
 Supporting and motivating the injured individual to be actively involved in the development of the program;
 Promoting the value of health literacy as a motivating tool for the individual and highlighting the health benefits of good work to aid recovery;
 Assisting employers with responding to the needs of the returning workers, including promoting how other staff contribute to better outcomes for all involved;
 Translating functional gains into meaningful work activities based on assessed capacity of the individual; and
 Developing and implementing strategies to build work readiness and capability that have a direct connection to a rehabilitation strategy. 

More information about workplace rehabilitation and compulsory third party (CTP) insurance

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