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Temporary staffing for your Injury Management solutions​

We understand that an employee’s return to work following injury or illness is a process that needs to be carefully managed. But we also understand that finding the right staff to support your Injury Management and Return to work needs can be challenging.

Return to Work requires knowledgeable and confident professionals to assist in supporting employee’s Return to Work. Hiring temporary staff is a convenient way to ensure your workplace has the professional support it needs. 

Return to Work staffing solutions are suitable for your immediate Injury Management needs. Explore our range of temporary Return to Work Coordinator personnel today.

Return to Work Coordination for Australian businesses

Recovery Partners provides Return to Work Secondment services across Australia, across businesses of all backgrounds and sizes.

A secondment is an opportunity to engage with a qualified
professional in your industry to assist with undertaking of day-to-day tasks, projects, and claim management – without the hassle of significant recruitment, retraining or upskilling.

With a strong team of professionals, we’re able to assist our customers with Return to Work Coordinator staffing solutions.

Covering staff shortages and keeping you compliant

Staffing can be complex, time-consuming and high pressure for any business. In turn, associated costs continue to rise as you identify the candidate’s experience, and assess their injury management skills through checks and assessments.

With a strong team of professionals, we’re able to assist our customers with their staffing requirements.

What does contractor Return to Work Coordination have to offer?

  • Reduced short-term costs.
  • Experienced on-demand support.
  • Customised and tailored injury management assistance.
  • An additional all-rounder to assist the team.
  • Flexible working arrangements on-site or virtual.
  • Fill in for restructures, redundancies, or any unplanned shortages.
Talent sourcing you can count on – qualified and skilled temporary staff members, tailored to your unique requirements.

See what our clients have to say

“We commenced using Recovery Partners secondment services as required for approximately 4 years now – but since then they certainly have become our go to for support in this area. They have always provided high calibre staff with the appropriate skills and experience to get the job done.” 
– Glen Marks, Group GM Workers Compensation & Injury Management at Toll Group


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