Fitness for Duties Assessment


Fitness for Duties Assessments

Fitness for Duties Assessments are specifically designed to review an individual’s ability to re-engage in working tasks following extended absences. The assessments require an individual to perform physical and/or psychological tasks equal to levels of exertion in workplace environments and offer a benchmark for individual ability. 

These assessments inform you of an individual’s functional ability and their ability to return to the workplace safely following a noted health condition that has restricted their performance historically.

Our qualified allied health team including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, and Psychologists, perform these assessments either within the workplace or a controlled environment e.g. consultation rooms. 


When is a Fitness for Duties Assessment needed?

  • When it is unclear as to whether the individual can safely perform routine work tasks.
  • If an individual has been away from work for an extended period.
  • When medical professionals require a greater clarity to help guide return to work planning.

What’s involved?

Our consultants utilise specific functional capacity evaluation models that are internationally recognised to guide assessment regimes. These evaluations provide clear and objective guidelines regarding an individual’s ability to conduct activities. The assessment not only relies on observations made by our team and individual feedback during the assessment but also on the physiological response.

Physical Fitness for Duties Assessment
A series of activities are carried out during the assessment including:

  • a grip test
  • cardiovascular fitness test (step test)
  • postural tolerance tests (sitting, standing, squatting and kneeling)
  • safe maximum lifting
  • capacity
  • endurance lift
  • evaluation
  • safe maximum carrying
  • capacity evaluation
  • observation of job
  • specific task performance 
  • manual handling analysis

Psychological Fitness for Duties Assessment

The assessment is performed by a registered psychologist, and is conducted in a controlled environment (for example, our office locations). The procedure involves;

  • Referral actioned within 24 hours
  • Assessment scheduled at RP office location
  • Psychometric testing
    – Assessment of disorder and nature of psychological                   symptoms
    – Assessment of abstract reasoning ability
    – Assessment of executive functioning
  • Clinical interview with a registered psychologist
    – Semi-structured interview
    – Mental status examination
  • Report with capacity opinion provided within 5 days of assessment

What happens after?

A comprehensive written report is provided within five business days which outlines the work capacity of an individual.


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