How do you manage your contractor management?

Contractor Management is by far the worst managed risk we see in most organisations. This is a combination of not understanding legal safety obligations by both the organisation engaging the contractor and the contractors themselves.  

Do you place the same efforts and processes in place to induct your contractors as robustly as your staff? You need to. As it becomes increasingly common for industries to rely on contractors for specialised skills and knowledge, so to does it become more important that you are compliant when it comes to contractor safety.

Who is a contractor?
A contractor by definition in Safety Acts is a worker. There is a mis-understanding that contractors are only construction based. Contractors are anyone or any organisation supplying services, goods, materials and substances or installing plant and equipment. Very few businesses would NOT have contractors of some sort.

Let us show you how to:

  • Develop Contractor Management Procedures and tools
  • Scrutinise contractors prior to engaging them
  • Induct contractors
  • Monitor contractors activities
  • Create an Approved Contractor Management Register
  • Understand how to manage contractors using the same risk management principles as any other risk.

We have an online solution and we also have training available.

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