Recovery Partners are here to help


Recovery Partners
are here to help

According to Safe Work Australia, nearly 200 workers are killed at work each year. More than 100,000 workers are compensated for serious work-related injuries every year. Preventable work-related injuries cost the Australian economy an estimated $61.8 billion each year.

Recovery Partners helps both small and large Australian businesses take a more proactive approach to managing risks and hazards in your workplaces. With our assistance, you can protect your staff, meet your WHS obligations and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your WHSMS. We offer a wide range of services to help your business run safely and conscientiously. These services help to safeguard staff wellbeing, productivity and ultimately, profitability.


Recovery Partners operate at the forefront of safety service provision in Australia, bringing decades of combined experience and constantly evolving knowledge to our partnerships with Australian businesses. With consultants spread from coast to coast, we’re well-placed to advise and assist you with your WHS/OHS needs, wherever you are.

Safety Consultancy

We come to you to assess your safety requirements

Training Courses

Upskill your staff in essential safety steps

Safety DIY Toolbox

Customisable templates and help to get your safety started

Outsourcing WHS/OHS

Let us take care of WHS/OHS for your business

Online Safety: Diligence

Our app will streamline your WHS Management


Why our customers love our service:


Why our customers
love our service:

  • Commercially focused with risk appetite awareness
  • Business tailored interventions through extensive consultation & resource allocation
  • Experienced team members with post-graduate qualifications

We work to take complex legal requirements and simplify them into context that is palatable to the entire workforce. We keep away from the often over-rehearsed jargon and convoluted solutions to complex problems by using simple but innovative systems that meet all legislative requirements.

More resources can be found at SafeWork Australia

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We welcome your enquiry. Recovery Partners are able to coordinate for an array of references with respect to our Safety Services upon your request.

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We have been working with Recovery Partners for a few years now. They are very responsive and pro-active; they deliver a good service without over-servicing or performing activities that aren't required.

The team goes to great lengths to care for the needs of our employees. They work closely with the employee to get them back to work as quickly as possible. 

The benefit of working with Recovery Partners has resulted in a significant reduction in our insurance premiums and workers’ compensations claims, and a strengthening of our safety culture across our business.

Safety Leadership Training Program was delivered in a commercially focused common-sense way, using language that everyone understood. The sessions covered a very serious topic, but, was presented in a fun and passionate way.

The effort of the site team has created a safer work environment for all, and their assistance has been welcomed. We would highly recommend Recovery Partners as a preferred WHS provider to any company requiring additional support.

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