Fire and Emergency Training


Fire and Emergency Training

This training course develops the skills and knowledge to enable those responsible for the planning and implementation of emergency procedures to perform their specific roles during an emergency as mandated in WHS Regulations 2011 (Div 4) and recommended in Australian Standard 3745:2010 – Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. The course holistically covers a range of topics to assist the entire organisation to meet its emergency planning obligations. We understand the importance of a considered and structured approach to potentially life-threatening emergency situations. We advocate that companies spend the time to consider these potential worse case scenarios to ensure that individuals who will play a critical role in the high-stress situations are adequately prepared and trained.

The course is split into two parts directed at two specific audiences:

Part 1 – Emergency Planning team
To gain an understanding of legal and best practice applications in relation to emergency planning. Participants will be trained to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of legal requirements and different types of emergencies,
  • Plan and document for specific emergencies,
  • Understand reporting and communication requirements,
  • Identify Pre/During/Post emergency activities, and
  • Understand the barriers of human behaviour during emergencies and strategies to overcome.

Part 2 – General Workers
To gain an understanding of the organisations emergency and evacuation procedures. Employees are trained to:

  • Understand and adhere to company emergency procedures,
  • Demonstrate the same through a trial evacuation (includes a debrief with ECO),
  • Understand the fundamentals of fire, the fire triangle, fire class, methods of fire spread and smoke, and
  • Understand the fundamentals and limitations of fire fighting equipment, methods of extinguishment, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and sprinkler systems.

Part 2 involves a practice evacuation and simulated use of a fire blanket and fire extinguisher.
NOTE: we do not actually light a fire on your premises for two reasons:

  1. Potential insurance premium impact on your business (and in some cases non-coverage)
  2. While we want your workers to understand how an extinguisher works, we also want them to understand its limitations and first instinct to be evacuation and safety.

Training will be customised to your current procedures and worksite. The total training session will be up to three hours in duration plus set-up and pack-down time.


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