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At Recovery Partners, you’ll receive assistance from some of the best and brightest allied health and safety consultants in Tasmania.
These professionals combine their skills and experience with extensive training in individual wellbeing, and functional workplace safety protocols to provide you with comprehensive, tailored and well-rounded services.


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Our team in Tasmania offer a suite of occupational rehabilitation services for Comcare, Workers’ Compensation, CTP, and Life Insurance markets to assist all stakeholders in the navigation back to one of the most critical adult interventions – work.

The hybrid nature of our work not only assists businesses with their short-term needs but helps them to forecast potential liabilities, and offer preventative measures that promote a best bang for buck expenditure.

Through a consultative methodology, our team are able to show WHS risk exposure, and work with senior leaders to develop initiatives and programs that are tailored to their workforce and fiscal planning.

We are committed to delivering the best safety and injury management services that is available in the market and will tailor all interventions to your specific requirements. Let us know if we can help – we would love to hear from you. 


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Achieving Perfection: A 100% Same Employer Return to Work Rate!

Recovery Partners are driven to deliver exceptional OHS/WHS strategies to organisations of all shapes and sizes to promote workplace safety, prevent injuries, and manage injury claims. We recognise the challenges that come with workplace injury and safety solutions and are geared to helping you minimise the human and economic costs of injury through best practice initiatives. Equally, we understand the commercial reality of doing business and know that all organisations want to provide a safe workplace and maintain legislative compliance. We help to do that in cost effective and hassle-free ways. Everyone at Recovery Partners is committed to keeping Australian workplaces safe, reducing workers’ compensation costs, and helping businesses to achieve higher productivity levels.

Recovery Partners are able to deliver these strategies and solutions to clients nationwide, and have a great track record with innovating to match all requirements of business.

Why our customers love our services:

  • Commercially focused with risk appetite awareness
  • Business tailored interventions through extensive consultation & resource allocation
  • Experienced team members with post-graduate qualifications

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