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4 March 2024 posted by Recovery Partners

An employee’s return to work following injury or illness can be a delicate process that requires careful planning to ensure a smooth transition. Whether managed internally or with the assistance of an outsourced return-to-work coordinator, supporting employees during this time is crucial for their well-being and productivity. 

Here are a 7 helpful steps to consider to help with a smooth transition:

  1. Firstly, ensure you are providing the right support to your employee with their workers’ compensation claims to ensure that they understand the process and the forms that need to be completed.

  1. Keep in touch with your injured employees. It’s a mistake to leave them alone until they are feeling better. Regular phone calls and emails are advisable and will keep your injured employees engaged in their rehabilitation.

  1. Speak regularly with care providers to ensure that your injured employees are attending all of their appointments and completing any required home-based exercises.

  1. Consider alternate duties or light duties for injured employees. It’s always advisable for injured employees to recover at work where they are surrounded by their workmates rather than be alone at home.

  1. Provide access to support services to assist employees during their transition back to work. This may include physical therapy, counselling, or vocational rehabilitation programs. These services can help employees overcome barriers and regain confidence. Additionally, employers should ensure that employees are aware of any employee assistance programs (EAPs) available to them for additional support. 

  1. Ensure that injured employees understand all of their return to work options and the impact on their health from remaining off work. Click here to download your FREE Rights of an Injured Worked Factsheet

  1. Ensure that managers and supervisors understand the return to work processes and outcomes to support injured employees when they return to work.

Supporting employees’ transition back to work following injury or illness is a process that requires empathy, communication, and flexibility.

At Recovery Partners we offer a complete RTW Coordination service for businesses wanting to manage this process efficiently and with sensitivity to the needs of their employees. We have delivered RTW Coordination throughout our entire 20 years of service, and continue to deliver outstanding results with our overall RTW success rate standing at 99% for our customers. 


Our services are available nationwide. For more information about our services contact us.

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