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Our Safety Starter Kit is ideal for busy small to medium business owners and managers. It simply and effectively introduces safety activities to protect workers and reduce the risk of legal exposure to yourself and your business. You can purchase the kit online and then follow our step by step guide to start implementing your safety program in your workplace. The kit has policies, procedures, forms and checklists that have already been created for you to use. Think IKEA without the allen keys. Recovery Partners’ Safety Starter Kit suits any business and provides you with a great base to work from.

Note that Safety Starter Kit (SSK) is for low to medium risk businesses. If you think you have high risk hazards please call our friendly Safety team to determine if SSK is suitable or if a more appropriate option is available.

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We also have many more resources – templates and checklists – that you can add to your Safety Starter Kit to tailor safety to your business and manage risks unique to your operations. If you already have a safety system you can enhance it by purchasing more safety resources.


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