Giving you a gauge of safety practices

Our audits systematically and independently examine the current status of your safety system. The audit will measure compliance with applicable legislation. Importantly the audit identifies areas of opportunities for improvement and provides you with a specific action plan. An audit process involves using ISO45001 criteria and comparing what is legally required with what your safety system actually covers in its policies and procedures.

Having a safety system built to ISO45001 standards, then implemented and third-party certified can give significant benefit to organisations, including;

  • Facilitates a measured approach to safety system development and implementation
  • Knowledge of precise levels of compliance in the organisation
  • Understanding what needs to be done to improve compliance and performance
  • Demonstrates a continual improvement focus to relevant authorities.

We recommend following best practice guidelines having a safety gap analysis conducted every 1-2 years. This ensures your safety practices are up to date with changing legislation and reduces the risk of workplace hazards and injury.

The audit will include a detailed review of documentation, on-site observation, and interviews. A report of findings and recommendations will be prepared specifically for your organisation.

As part of the audit we provide:

  • Supply of audit tool
  • A comprehensive audit report
  • A compliance percentage
  • Recommendations for improving the Safety Management System


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