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Consultation is the sharing of relevant information about WHS and welfare with workers and other interested parties. It provides workers with a reasonable opportunity to:

  • Express their views
  • Raise work health and safety issues
  • Contribute to the decision-making process

Safety consultation values the views of workers, taking them into account and working to advise workers on the outcome in a timely manner.

When is safety consultation required?
  • Identifying and assessing risks to health and safety
  • Deciding ways to eliminate or minimise those risks
  • Deciding on the adequacy of facilities for worker welfare, e.g., toilets, meal rooms
  • Proposing changes that may affect the health and safety of workers, e.g., Consultation to be included in purchasing procedures
  • When deciding on procedures for other activities as described under the regulations
What are work groups?

A work group usually consists of workers who perform similar types of work and have similar health and safety concerns and conditions within the workplace. A worker or group of workers may be represented by any person authorised by them. An authorised person can be a union official or any other person. An employer can authorise any person to represent their interests.

What are the consultation options?
  • Health and Safety Representatives
  • Safety Committee
  • Both HSR’s + Committee
  • Other Agreed Arrangements (e.g., team meetings, toolbox talks)

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Disclaimer – these articles are provided to supply general safety information to people responsible for OHS in their organisation. They are general in nature and do not substitute for legal and/or professional advice. We always suggest that organisations obtain information specific to their needs. Additional information can be found at https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/