6 January 2020 posted by Recovery Partners

‘Corporate wellness’ is a term that is often strewn across organisational websites, presentations, seminars, and viral YouTube videos. But do you know what actually entails a corporate wellness program and the benefits it can have for a business?

An average full-time worker spends a third of their day at work. Therefore it’s in the best interests of both the employee and their employer to adequately account for a happy workplace. This is an effective method to curb work-related burnout and unproductiveness.

Top 4 reasons to incorporate a corporate wellness strategy in your organisation

1. Boost Productivity

This reason takes the number one spot for a good reason; research shows unhappiness at work correlates with demotivation. A lack of motivation then results in a lack of productivity, inaccurate work, and general nonchalance about the quality and speed of your work.

Introducing measures that focus on inspiring and engaging your workers makes your workplace one that your employees look forward to coming to, resulting in a motivation to do better work.

2. Reduce Health Care Costs

Every human is different, but it is wise to be mindful that some of your employees may be prone to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. If there are no appropriate measures in place, a stressful or depressing work environment can escalate mental health issues that may require medical treatment. This also breeds lost-time and medical care costs.

Facilitating a healthy, happy and supportive work environment is the best way to avoid mental health issues being brought out in prone employees.

3. Improve Workplace Safety

There are numerous links between workplace stress and work-related illness because stress contributes to high blood pressure, resulting in poor decision-making and increased errors. Inadequate sleep and fatigue also directly reduce concentration and the ability to work safely, even for employees in non-physical jobs.

4. Communication is key

It’s important to remember that an organization cannot force an employee to perform or be healthy. Employees need to be inspired through a clear vision, with a sense of purpose, which draws them into the mission. To exert a clear vision, communication is key! Communicating with your employees any reward and benefit programs by creating the ideal experience will eventually lead to ideal behaviours. The result will be motivated, healthy individuals who want to and can come to work to contribute to the organisation’s mission.


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