Safety Starter Kit

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Safety Starter Kit


  • Instant delivery via email
  • Assists with legal compliance
  • Aligns with International Standard 45001
  • WHS Policy and Procedures documents
  • Forms, checklists and registers

View Sample Document below for details of what is included.

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Safety Starter Kit

A kit that will guide you step by step in conducting WHS for your organisation. The Safety Starter Kit will assist you in meeting your obligations of providing a safe work environment for employees and addresses all legal requirements.

Safety Starter Kit contents:

  • Work Health & Safety Management System – WHS Policy and Procedures
  • WHS Implementation Plan
  • WHS Activity Matrix
  • 21 Forms, registers and checklists
  • Customising instructions

Not sure how to get started in the process of ensuring that you are compliant with national safety standards? Don’t worry any longer. Recovery Partners have options to suit your needs.

The Safety Starter Kit is ideal for busy small to medium business owners and managers to simply and effectively introduce safety activities to protect workers and reduce the risk of legal exposure to yourself and your business.

Purchase the kit online and then follow our step by step guide to start implementing your safety program in your workplace. The kit has policies, procedures, forms and checklists that have already been created for you to use.

The Safety Starter Kit suits any business and can be used as a base. We also have Other Safety Resources – templates and checklists –  that you can add to your Safety Starter Kit to tailor safety to your business and manage risks unique to your operations.

Safety Starter Kit

Included in the Safety Starter Kit:

Forms x 21

Work Health and Safety Policy

Smoke Free Policy

Prohibited Substances and Alcohol Policy


  1. Chemicals
  2. Consultation
  3. Contractors and Visitors
  4. Electrical Equipment
  5. Emergency
  6. First Aid
  7. Incident Management
  8. Personal Protective Equipment
  9. Records and Documents
  10. Responsibilities
  11. Workplace Inspection
  12. Risk Management
  13. Safe Work Procedure (SWP)
  14. Training and Induction