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Pre-employment assessments are some of the most important yet overlooked components of the hiring process. Gone are the days when recruiting was just a matter of who is qualified talent and skill-wise. The capacity of an employee to carry out his/her job is also very important. With medical compensations nipping the company’s cash reserves all over, pre-screening is fast becoming an integral part of hiring in Australia.

Five benefits of pre-employment assessments

Ideally, pre-employment assessments aim to enhance the likelihood of hiring workers who can meet the specific requirements at an acceptable level of risk to the worker and the employer. The benefits of the process include;

1. Reduction in workplace injuries
Screened employees are less likely to have incidences of injuries in the workplace. Companies experience a low absence rate due to injury, and medical costs are kept to a minimum.

2. Reduction in claims and insurance costs

The risk of hiring someone with a pre-existing condition that could lead to workers’ compensation claims is minimised. Statistically, non-screened employees have a 33% higher injury rate of compensation claims than screened employees.

3. Minimised downtime

By getting in workers with no pre-existing medical complications or precursors for potential illnesses, an organisation can effectively reduce the number of working hours lost in a month by over 50%.

4. Matching the capacity of the employee with the role
Depending on the industry, some job types require a specialised workforce and employees in the right physical conditions. These tasks require high levels of fitness and when the safety of employees may be at risk, it becomes imperative to carry out an assessment. Through that, companies can increase productivity by identifying candidates who can carry out the physical requirements of a particular job.

5. Candidates are made aware of unknown medical conditions

From an employee perspective, pre-screening can alert an employee about existing medical conditions that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. He or she is then in a good position to seek early treatment.


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