Recovery Partners has developed a Job Portal that enables claimants to access immediate Work Trial and/or paid employment opportunities. These are with employers that are interested in accessing significant incentives associated with the respective states entitlements.


Our Portal is a live listing of host employers willing and able to take on ill or injured workers. This database lists employers in many different geographical areas. At any one stage there are over 100 employers on our portal and is updated each day.

This service enables our customers to prompt placement in real Work Trial and/ or paid employment opportunities.

Recovery Partners understands this Job Portal Service will assist claimants returning to work following a workplace illness or injury with their transition in the following ways:

  • Maximise the likelihood of these selected claimants securing some type of paid employment as the jobs identified have been sourced from the hidden job market.

  • Improve these claimant’s personal experience of their workers compensation journey and enable a smoother transition away from compensation schemes

  • Take a customer centric approach
  • Access to employers willing to support people on their return to work journey as they understand work is good for you

Our Job Portal

New Employer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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State Specific Links:

National overview: Information here

New South Wales: NSW Job Placement Program (JCCP)

More information here 


Victoria: VIC Workers Incentive Scheme for Employers (WISE)

More information here 


Queensland: Exploring the Recover at Work (RAW) Program

More information here:  Page 1 & Page 2 

The Recovery Partners Job Portal has HOST EMPLOYER for QLD claimants on a Recover At Work Program available now so you can use our Portal service to access HOSTS.


Western Australia:

No guidance material has been published. The Recovery Partners Job Portal has a number of Host Employers/Work Trial placements available to assist worker recover at work where there are no suitable duties available.




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