27 September 2021 posted by Recovery Partners

Recovery Partners are proud to provide an exciting opportunity in the latest neuro-rehabilitation technology. If you know someone who has experienced a brain injury, they might just benefit from the EDNA-22.

What is neuro-rehabilitation technology?

Neurorehabilitation, also known as neurological rehabilitation or neuro-rehab, is a therapy process which aids recovery from a brain or neural injury.

Technologies in this space are advancing all the time, such as robotics and virtual reality.

Neuro-rehabilitation technology increases a patient’s capacity for recovery and learning.

Companies leading the way include Dynamic Neutral Arts. They describes themselves as ‘an organisation that brings together leading designers, software engineers, scientists and medical technology commercialisation experts.’

The team of researchers has worked together for over 10 years to develop interactive software and hardware technology for movement rehabilitation.

Dynamic Neutral Arts have developed the EDNA-22 (Elements by Dynamics Neutral Arts).

What is the EDNA-22?

Essentially, the EDNA-22 is a 22 inch tablet (imagine an oversized iPad) used for brain injury rehabilitation. The patient has a tailored rehabilitation program and uses the EDNA-22 to complete a range of engaging and intuitive game-like tasks. EDNA-22 uses tangible, graspable tools, and augmented feedback to rehabilitate the patient’s motor function and cognitive skills.

Dynamic Neutral Arts describe the EDNA-22 asthe world’s first upper-limb brain injury rehabilitation system to integrate clinic and home therapy to monitor recovery’.

Who is EDNA-22 for?

EDNA can be used by anyone who suffers from or has experienced:

  • Stroke
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Traumatic brain injury.

Benefits of the EDNA-22

The multidisciplinary team didn’t spend 10 years developing this device for nothing.

EDNA-22 has a myriad of benefits:

  • Can be used remotely and regionally – anywhere in Australia!
  • Cost and time saving – no need to travel to the physio and spends hundreds of dollars
  • No need for in person physiotherapy – the physiotherapist can monitor and analyse the patient activity remotely
  • Found by research to be 2-3 times more effective than people only receiving conventional therapy.
  • Backed by a decade of research so you know you’re getting the best in neuro-rehabilitation technology.
  • Programs tailored to suit the needs of the patient

Whether you’re a support coordinator, have a family member affected by stroke or have had a stroke yourself, EDNA-22 could change your life.

What about remote and regional areas?

Devices are delivered remotely to participants’ homes. This means we are able to provide cutting edge therapy to participants in both regional and metro areas.

Programs are managed remotely by our Recovery Partners EDNA specialist physiotherapist who will check in with EDNA participants weekly to review progress.

This technology reduces face-face contact risk during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where can I find EDNA-22?

We’re glad you asked. The EDNA-22 is only available from Recovery Partners / Ability Partners exclusively for NDIS patients. We are the only (proud) providers of this latest neuro-rehab technology and we need you.

Do you know someone impacted by brain injury? We need you.

We are looking for one participant who has suffered a stroke to be the first EDNA-22 user outside of clinical trials.

This person can be located anywhere in Australia so long as they are an NDIS participant and have a reliable internet connection. If you know someone, contact us. 


EDNA-22 is a mobile touch screen that allows delivery of a tailored rehabilitation program in the home. It can be used anywhere in the country. It provides tailored programs to suit the needs of patients and has been found by research to be 2-3 times more effective than people only receiving conventional therapy.  Be the first participant in Australia to use the EDNA-22.

Join the Waiting List!

We only have capacity for one EDNA trialist in the whole of Australia so act fast! Register your interest now by contacting Ability Partners

For more information, read the brochure and follow us on LinkedIn for more updates.

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