Compliance is now easier than ever with Diligence, a custom-made mobile app that allows you to manage your WHS requirements on the go. With regular updates to ensure evolving regulatory requirements are incorporated, 

This App does exactly what it says: maintains your WHS, keeping you compliant. The app can be tailored to include the WHS procedures and tasks that are relevant to your business in a cloud-based, interactive platform.

Features include: checklists, status reports, task manager, automatic notifications, PPE Management, Risk Management plus more.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use. One of our expert Safety Consultants can give you a free demonstation to show you how it could make your day to day so much easier. 

THE Benefits of Diligence

• Build your own checklists
• Site workplace inspections can be done on mobile phones and all issues found auto enter the Non-Conformance (Corrective Action Register) area for action 

Risk Management
• Choose from 3 risk matrix
• Create online Safe Work Procedures (SWP) linked to the relevant risk assessment

Incident Management
• Report incidents via mobile phone APP which all auto enter the Incident Register
• Conduct investigations
• Manage Injuries – First aid, Medical Treatment Injuries and Lost time injuries

• Easily see what needs to be done and by who

•  Keep records of trainings, licences, qualifications and more

File Manager
•  Upload documents e.g. your safety system so it’s all in the one location

• Build your own documents that integrate with the system

Contractor Management

• Basic contractor management allows you to upload requested documents with auto reminders
on when insurances and other 
documents need reviewing or updating.


Membership levels

WHS Compliance

Return to Work Coordinator
Let us manage your injuries and be your RTWC.

Proactive Safety Checklists
Demonstrate your safety actions all online – easy
• Inspections
• Monitoring workers
• Audits
• Checklists

WHS Compliance Platinum

Everything in Gold package

We inspect your workplace
• Baseline risk assessments done across the business
• Online risk register

We build you a WHS Management System
• Easily editable
• Customised
• Implement via the online Checklists portal


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