Good WHSMS are the foundation of WHS strategy

Good Work Health and Safety Management Systems – WHSMS – ensure the health and safety of the workplace and workers are maintained. By adopting a strong Safety Management System you can be confident of the right level of attention being placed on safety awareness, knowledge, and compliance. We will help you to embed the desired workplace safety cultures and promote commitments to continuous improvements for the benefit of ISO45001 alignment.

What are the costs of not having a Safety Management System? Find out here.

The three main reasons you need a WHSMS

A WHSMS sets out processes for the business to follow, for the business to define expectations in trainings and to start measuring your safety compliance. You wouldn’t not measure your sales performance surely? You wouldn’t stop measuring your production KPI’s surely? So why wouldn’t you put simple processes in place to KNOW where you stand legally in relation to safety law? You can’t go to jail if sales or productivity aren’t where they need to be!!

  1. Improved health and safety performance
    – Make your business safer
    – Be seen as an employer of choice
    – Lower your legal exposure
  2. Reduce costs associated with accidents and incidents
    – Identify sources of injury BEFORE they happen
    – Reduce lost time and absenteeism
    – Lower your workers’ compensation premiums

  3. Improved business outcomes
    – Improve morale by showing employees the business is looking out for them
    – Be seen and corporately and socially responsible
    – Improve employee retention

Recovery Partners have several WHSMS solutions for you.

Safety Consultancy: Our Safety Consultants work with you throughout the development to completely customise the Safety Management System to your organisation and align it with your goals. Whether you are seeking a system ready for ISO45001 certification or a simpler, but legally compliant system, we will work with you to create a plain English and user friendly safety system that recognises processes already in place rather than creating additional paperwork and meetings for the sake of it.

Online: We also have an online Safety Management System – Diligence – that will automate your safety requirements and simplify your obligations even more.

Safety Starter Kit: This is a complete safety system pre-built and will suit most small business. Its completely editable and customisable and gives you a great head start if you want to DIY a system based on budgetary reasons.

Whichever solution suits your business best they will all follow the WHSMS principles below:

Want to get your system online? Talk to one of our Safety Team about Diligence today on 1300 OHS RTW (647 789)


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