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22 September 2023 posted by Recovery Partners

6 Benefits of a Psychometric Test

Many organisations in Australia continue to rely solely on academic achievement and reported work experience when selecting new employees. Whilst both can provide valuable information, they do not always provide an accurate picture. As many psychologists who have studied this topic know, job tenure does not predict job performance. Furthermore, the way a candidate presents during an interview could be very different from how they act on-the-job.

This is where psychometric assessments come in to play. The tests provide measurable, objective data and provide additional information regarding candidate capability to perform specific tasks. Today, there is a rapid shift towards incorporating psychometric testing in their hiring process and based on such tests’ ability to increase the predictive validity of a candidate’s potential for success, it is no wonder more and more are adopting this into their recruitment strategy.


1. Cost-effective

    • The cost of testing candidates to further determine their job fitness may demonstrate the difference between finding a candidate who is a great fit and the greater expense of a repeated recruitment process.
    • Using the appropriate psychometric tests with other resourceful tools including an interview, you optimise results by focusing only on your most promising applicants, which shorten the time-to-hire and reduce the cost-per-hire.

2. Deeper candidate insights

    • You are provided with detailed information on each candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioural styles, personality characteristics and their overall workplace performance potential. These in-depth profile evaluations provide you the opportunity to determine how someone would work within the role. As such, role requirement specifications are important as it assists in governing suitability success.

3. Filter and secure the best candidates quickly

    • Administering the appropriately tailored tests, you can determine if a candidate has the correct skillset, mental fortitude, and personality traits for the position.
    • By scoring candidates on specific, set criteria, it becomes easier to analyse standout candidates and shortlist the most promising candidates promptly.

4. Gain an in-depth profile beyond the CV

    • Psychometric testing gives you the opportunity to uncover the correct skillsets and abilities that go further than the resume or cover letter. One of the key advantages of psychometric testing is it reveals intrinsic behaviours and aptitudes that are difficult to assess through interviews alone. These tests assess various facets such as personality traits, values, emotional intelligence, problem solving abilities and leadership potential.
    • You will gain greater understanding of applicant’s strengths and areas of development which guide you to select the right candidates fit with the necessary skills, mindset, and areas of growth, ultimately leading to greater employee satisfaction and improved productivity.

5. Objective and reliable

    • Psychometric testing offers benchmarks and insights in a way that is often challenging to do via other methods such as interviews. With 25% of job seekers lying on their resume, psychometric tests provide a reliable way to evaluate how capable your applicants are and obtain accurate information on their personalities.
    • Utilising psychometric tests aids in reducing hiring bias and enables fair objective recruitment processes. This is because most psychometric tests are standard, with all applicants receiving the same, impartial questions that have been widely used against a large demographic.

6. Support diversity and inclusivity

    • Due to the objective and unbiased nature of psychometric testing, you are provided with evaluations of the applicant’s true future potential. Hence, you can hire a quality, diverse workforce without the worry of unconscious biases or the risks of poor interviewing and decision-making techniques.

Recovery Partners provide psychometric testing for a range of industries. Our team of qualified psychologists is always on hand. We can help you review your job roles and recommend the most suitable and sound psychometric assessments ensuring that you hire the candidate most suited to your company culture.

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