Identifying and combating the harmful effects of mould

Not all people are adversely affected by mould however those that are may experience asthma, tiredness, rashes, headaches and migraines. Toxic moulds produce mycotoxins that can pose serious health risks. Prolonged exposure may be particularly harmful. Our flexible approach means we can design a tailored program for your workplace. Our intensive programs include an initial consultation and mould assessment that offer hassle-free, long-term solutions.

Our mould testing and controls services include:

  • Non-viable and viable spore identification
  • Mould identification
  • Air sampling
  • Bulk sample collection and analysis
  • Moisture tests and reports
  • Temperature and humidity tests
  • Internal wall tests

Download our FREE mould and moisture check sheet

Do you think you may have mould in your workplace? Read our checklist to find out more about to check if your workplace is safe from mould and moisture.

Other Hygiene Services:


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